Our Services

Time is Money.  If you are not monitoring contract compliance you are likely leaking money and profits

Our services are intended to provide our clients an end-to-end contract compliance solution tailored to their specific needs. Incorporated into all of them are the 25+ years of experience and know-how of our leadership team, and a consistent acknowledgement – or demand – to provide value for the fees paid.


Our auditors take a non-adversarial approach in testing adherence to specific contract requirements and client expectations from their business partners. We use sophisticated, proprietary technology and tools to avoid contentious extrapolations while methodically flagging contract violations and risk exposure. We do this while keeping the client-auditee relationship paramount, bringing transparency in addition to compliance.

  • Scalable from “Discrete” to Full Scope Audits
  • Focused on transparency, future improvements & recovery of amounts due
  • Non-Adversarial

We frequently recommend a more timely audit process to avoid years of non-compliance and related financial remedies that may only be partially recoverable. To assist both parties, Continuous Monitoring or Auditing offers a solution whereby a compliance score is calculated and reported quarterly (or more frequently), allowing the parties to identify and fix root cause issues before penalties and financial remedies really start to add up.

  • Operationalized testing frequency
  • Timely error detection and corrective actions
  • Avoid leakage in the first place, and settling for pennies on the dollar

Frequently we recommend that clients improve their internal processes, controls and tools in conjunction with a contract compliance program – otherwise gains from the audits may be short-lived and root cause issues may persist.  Our scalable solution analyzes the internal control environment and contract risk profiles to prioritize partners for audits, provide actionable recommendations to reduce risk, and even quantify estimated leakage levels (through our proprietary algorithms).

  • Contracts, processes and controls assessment
  • Algorithm to quantify estimated financial leakage
  • Prioritization of higher-risk partners for audits & testing

Sometimes all else fails and parties to a contractual agreement move towards litigation. We can help in a number of ways, as we have helped prior clients and their legal counsels with expert testimony and audits, damages calculations, etc.

  • Expert Witness
  • Litigation support
  • Complex auditing techniques & calculations

Beware of “Contract Compliance Malpractice”

Many firms offering contingent of fixed fee audits narrowly focus testing, hoping to make money quickly and move on often without regard to the implications and false assurance this approach results in. Conversely, others exploit hourly rates, testing anything and everything, often inefficiently. We consider both “Contract Compliance Malpractice”, with very real and damaging consequences to these providers’ clients and their business partners.