A Track Record of
Providing Value

Our experience shows that contracts with third party business partners such as vendors/suppliers, licensees, distribution partners, franchisees or joint venture partners that are not actively managed and periodically audited impact companies’ profits significantly, and present unnecessary risk exposure.

Boards and executive leaders are taking notice, and they are beginning to ask straightforward questions:

Simply put, our services are focused on helping clients answer these questions such as licensees, vendors or suppliers, distribution partners or JV partners while preserving and even improving their critical business relationships.

Notably, we’re able to apply key trends and insights identified through relational data analysis to detect, prevent and even predict value leakage and contract non-compliance.  This allows our clients and their business partners to spend less time on audits.  More importantly, we’re able to do this while generating ROI for our clients, where the root causes for issues identified actually get fixed.