Our Origin Story

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Simplify was founded by Big 4 alumni in 2014 with the following guiding principles:


Critical contractual relationships (e.g., with licensees, suppliers, channel partners, etc.) need to be audited to bring transparency, accountability and value to those relationships.


Contract Compliance is not a “commodity”, but rather an opportunity to provide genuine risk management and contract optimization – in addition to generating revenues from the audits to self-fund those services.


To deliver that value, our clients and their licensees, suppliers and other partners demand maturity and deep experience to drive real value without endangering those relationships.


Technology provides a special opportunity for effectiveness and efficiency in methodologies and results.

A Technology – Enabled Transformation

A Technology
– Enabled Transformation

We’ve come a long way since our founding, both in terms of our headcount (constantly growing and adding data scientists) and in our use of technologies encompassing project management tools, audit automation and AI/Machine learning.

Results Matter

Results Matter

As a result, we’ve been able to consistently deliver value to our clients and their contractual relationships, including process and contract improvements, relationship transparency, recoveries of money due and future savings.