Leverage data Who do you trust to audit and monitor your critical contractual relationships?
Increase profits 4 of the Top 8 Global Licensors and Fortune 500 giants trusted Simplify CCS to recover lost profits and improve transparency in contract relationships.
Simple Our tailored solutions and proprietary technologies make contract compliance simple



Compliance Audits

  • Scalable from “Discrete” to Full Scope Audits
  • Focused on transparency, future improvements & recovery of amounts due
  • Non-Adversarial


  • Operationalized testing frequency
  • Timely error detection and corrective actions
  • Avoid leakage in the first place, and settling for pennies on the dollar

Contract Portfolio
Risk Assessment

  • Contracts, processes and controls assessment
  • Algorithm to quantify estimated financial leakage
  • Prioritization of higher-risk partners for audits & testing

Litigation and
Dispute Services

  • Expert Witness
  • Litigation support
  • Complex auditing techniques & calculations


Leverage Data.
Increase Profits. Simple.

We apply our proprietary leading-edge technologies that infuse AI and machine learning with over 25 years of audit and compliance know-how.

Return on Investment

Our services frequently pay for themselves, and deliver a return-on-investment (ROI) to clients far exceeding our fees

Recoveries and Savings

The ROI is most notably in the form of cash recoveries, but also significant future savings or increased revenues

Enhanced Relationships

The ROI is delivered while enhancing business relationships with licensees, suppliers, etc., improving trust and transparency between the parties

Technology-Assisted Auditors

Our innovative and proprietary technologies enable experienced auditors to consistently and reliably deliver the highest quality results

Discovering unprecedented value and lost profits for our clients

We’re trusted by 4 of the Top 8 Global Licensors /8
Average years’ experience of Leadership Team
Audits conducted ,+

We’ve recovered millions of dollars from supplier audits for Fortune 500 leaders, from licensing partners of the largest and most respected global licensors, from CROs and other providers for leading BioPharma sponsors, from: